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3 things you need to know about Medicare

Unless you live with no internet and have no need to access health care, it’s safe to assume you’ve heard about Medicare.

But how well do you really know Medicare?

Would you select Medicare as a double-points round at a quiz night? (I’m happy to be on your team if you do).

So, if I’m not around, let’s prep you for that double-points round now, with 3 things you need to know about Medicare.

  1. Medicare Rebates

This is money that is either paid directly to you or the health professional.

When you see a health professional who is “Bulk Billed” – you pay nothing, and Medicare pays the health professional directly.

When you see a health professional and pay a gap fee, Medicare pays you money back for the visit (Medicare Rebate). The actual amount you get back depends on the health professional you saw and duration of visit.

  1. Extended Medicare Safety Net Threshold (EMSN)

All the gap fees you pay in one year add up towards the EMSN threshold.

The threshold for most people is $2184.30 and for Concession Card Holders its $697.

The EMSN threshold re-sets at the beginning of each year.

  1. Medicare Safety Net Registration

As a couple or a family on the same Medicare Card, you are not automatically registered for the EMSN threshold.

It’s important to register as a couple or family, so that all gap fees you pay jointly add up to the one EMSN threshold.

Once you reach the EMSN threshold, you’re get 80% back on all gap fees on top of the Medicare Rebate. That takes session costs at Rose Phoenix Health to between $24.09 – $32.35, depending on clinician seen.

Now for some extra knowledge on that double-points round – you keep track of your Safety Net Threshold on either your Medicare Online Account or Express Plus Medicare Mobile App.  

You will totally blitz that next quiz night!

Valerie Judge
Valerie Judge

Managing Director
Rose Phoenix Health | edge-perience

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